Iranian Islamists Come Help Sudan Slaughter

What are we going to do about this?
Are we going to allow the Nuba people to be exterminated?

Press release
Sudan People’s Liberation Movement( SPLM)
Southern Kordofan/ Nuba Mountains

Albashir Utilizes Forces from Iranian Revolutionary Guards in Nuba Mountains
July 27, 2011

After militarily defeats on the ground and big numbers of Sudan Army Force (SAF) joining Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA), the Albashir regime in Khartoum has sought military support from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards to fight against civilians in South Kordofan.

SPLM’s sources yesterday monitored the arrival of 200 officers from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, accompanied with 10 advanced tanks to Kassala airport in Eastern Sudan. High security measures were on place by the time the Iranian Guards arrived to the airport. Kassala airport has previously witnessed the arrival of some Somali’s Islamic militia who was seen heading to South Kordofan two weeks ago.

In the light of this development the SPLM South Kordofan is now certain that the NCP regime is utilizing and deploying militias from outside the country in their ethnic cleansing war. In addition to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards that are heading to the area, the regime has already brought the militia of Peter Gadet from South Sudan, Somali’s fundamentalist groups and Janjweed militias from Niger and Chad.

The SPLM in South Kordofan condemns and denounces such irresponsible practices which will put the conflict in the area in a dangerous phase by deploying terrorist groups against the people of South Kordofan. The SPLM, once again, call upon the United Nation Security Council to form an international committee of inquiry to investigate crime against humanity and ethnic cleansing, and in particular to investigate the military deployment of these exported militias of terrorist groups.

The Struggle Continues.
Gamer Delman
Media adviser to SPLM South Kordofan
July 27, 2011

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