South Sudanese Experts

Angelos Agok, former SPLA commander, now an SPLM rep in DC,

Sudanese Experts

Nuraddin Abdulmannan, former diplomat from northern Sudan, the head of the effort to rescue Nubia from Khartoum’s  plans to flood it by damming the Nile:

Ibrahim Tahir Ahmed, Beja Congress (East Sudan),

Khalid Gerais, Nubia (North Sudan) one of the leaders of Rescue Nubia; emails: or

Amin Zakaria Ismail, General Secretary Nuba Mountains organization,

Gafar Kangam, DC Representative for the Nuba Mountains,

Mohamed Yahya, President of Damanga (Darfur human rights group),

Experts on South Sudan: Human Rights and Humanitarian Assistance

Faith McDonnell, Director, Religious Liberty Programs and Church Alliance for a New Sudan, The Institute on Religion and Democracy;  biography.  email:

Dennis Bennett, Founder,; Managing Director & CEO, Silver Bay Advisors; Co-founder, Servant’s Heart Relief.  Biography.  Email:

 Geopolitical and Security Experts

Dr Walid Phares, Co-Secretary General, Transatlantic Legislative Group on Counter Terrorism (Washington DC and Brussels); Professor of Global Strategies, Washington DC; biography.  email:

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