Mass Killings Going on NOW in the Nuba Mountains – Ethnic Cleansing is Underway

An urgent message from Faith McDonnell of the Institute on Religion and Democracy:

The United States must intervene and stop the ethnic cleansing of the Nuba that is taking place right now in the Nuba Mountains. What Khartoum is doing right now makes the situations in Libya, Egypt, and even Syria pale by comparison.  Our friends are being slaughtered.

Members of Congress who have cared about Sudan MUST push U.S. intervention. This information must reach the news media . Any presidential candidates and potential candidates must be briefed on this potential genocide taking place.

Information from the top commander of the SPLA in the Nuba Mountains and from church leaders:

Mass killing is going on of civilians by the Sudan Armed Forces and the Popular Defense Force.

The people are fleeing to the UN Compound, but it is now the command center of Ahmed Haroun because the Egyptians from the UN who have been there agree with Bashir. They turned the compound over to Haroun, although they made it appear as if they gave it up under duress, and they are turning the people over to the PDF militia – Misseriya Arabs – Al Qaeda Sudan who are killing them.

All the villages between Kadugli and Dilling – they are bombing and going house to house and killing all the Nuba.

Tracking down the Christians, burned down the churches, looted everything, looking for Bishop Andudu, tracking down all those who voted for the SPLM.

This is a massacre like that which the Nuba experienced during the war.

This is an eradication campaign

Hundreds and thousands of people are being killed

Bombing of Unity State is actually a continuation of the bombing campaign in South Kordofan/Nuba Mountains.

Nuba forces on their own fighting against hordes of Arabs from the north.

The UN compound is now the killing ground.

I thank you for your concern and helpful participation.


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