New rebel uprising in South Sudan

From UPI, April 20, 2011:

A new rebel group in South Sudan attacked military trucks belonging to the government in Juba because it’s not functioning adequately, a spokesman said.

A group calling itself the South Sudan Liberation Army exploded a series of land mines targeting military vehicles in the south of the country.

Bol Gatkouth Kol, a spokesman for the rebel group, was quoted by the McClatchy news service as saying the uprising was a campaign against the southern government.

“The government has failed miserably,” he said. “It must go.”

Rebel groups are coordinating under rebel leader George Athor, who last year staged an uprising against the government in Juba after losing a state election. However, he agreed to a cease-fire in time for a referendum on secession in January.

Athor claimed in March that at least 100 people, mostly Sudanese soldiers, were killed in fighting in Sudan’s south.

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