Official Is Killed In Southern Sudan

From The New York Times, February 9:

A leading official of the government of the secessionist region of southern Sudan was shot dead by his brother-in-law on Wednesday morning, according to officials who said the motive was personal and unrelated to the region’s recent vote for independence.

The official who was killed, Jimmy Lemi, was southern Sudan’s minister for rural development and cooperatives. The officials said his brother-in-law, Emmanuel Luga, had recently been replaced as Mr. Lemi’s driver. They said Mr. Luga stormed Mr. Lemi’s office and opened fire, killing Mr. Lemi and a security guard before he was arrested.

Benjamin Marial, the minister of information, said Mr. Luga had been fired as a driver because his behavior was “erratic and rude.” For several months before the shooting, he had been campaigning with Mr. Lemi but had yet to be paid, the information minister said, speculating that this might be a motive for the killing.

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