Overwhelming Vote in South Sudan to Secede

From The Iconoclast, January 30, 2011:

AP reports on the overwhelming results of the South Sudan referendum to secede and establish a new self-ruled Christian and animist nation on July 9th. Over 99 percent of eligible voters cast ballots in the South and 99 percent gave a literal thumbs up sign approving secession. The NER will publish in the upcoming February edition, a first hand account of the referendum in an interview with Dr. Charles Jacobs of the American Anti-Slavery Group who was there with Dr. John Eibner of Christian Solidarity International freeing several hundred Jihad slaves. Jacobs will  reveal of the engrossing little known story of how secession came about. Perhaps South Sudan could set a precedent for the Coptic Christian minority in Egypt to see their own partition that we posted on earlier today.

Watch this NTVKenyan News You Tube Video of SPLM Leader President Salva Kiir announcing the referendum commission results.

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