ON THE GROUND: Timeline for the Aggregation and Declaration of Results

Letter from Larco Lomayatdit of South Sudan:

Dear all,

Greetings to you all the name of the Republic of South Sudan,

I, brother Larco Lomayatdit; is one of Referendum Domestic Observers; who is following Referendum events closely.   I would like to update everyone with the following information:

As the results of all referendum centers have been announced and published at each referendum center, and the aggregation of results is being finalized, the remaining timeline is as follows:

Announcement of results for Other Locations (Northern Sudan and 30 January Out of country Voting) by SSRC in Juba.

* Announcement by of results for Southern Sudan by SSRB in Juba, 30 January.

* Declaration of Preliminary Results for the Referendum by the SSRC In Khartoum, 2 February.

* Last day for submission of appeals (Section 43 (2) of the Act)  5 February.

* Declaration of Final Results of the Referendum if there are no appeals (Within 48 hours Section 44 (1) of the Act) 7 February.

* Last day for disposal of appeals by the Courts (Section 43(2) of the Act) 12 February.

* Declaration of Final Referendum Results if there are appeals (Within 30 days from the end of polling Section 44 (1) 14 February

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