Northern Sudan’s occupation of Abyei “political adultery” – SPLM

From New Sudan Vision, May 24, 2011:

An SPLM press conference this morning condemned the ongoing occupation of Abyei by Sudan Armed Forces in sharply worded statements.

Antipas Nyok Kucha, SPLM Secretary for Political Affairs and Mobilization and Acting Deputy Secretary General of SPLM Southern Sector told journalists the NCP’s seizure of Abyei was a “sin.”

He said the northern party’s move is “illegal” and a “political adultery.”

He alleged NCP was busing masses of its supporters into Abyei in order to later claim ownership.

Mr. Nyok said the attack on Sunday displaced, maimed and overthrew Abyei’s civil administration in a reshuffle that brought in NCP appointees. He said they did not yet know how many people have died in the SAF incursion into the area on Sunday because Abyei is in “disarray.”

A delegation of the United Nations Security Council, headed by US Ambassordor to the UN, Dr. Susan Rice arrived in Southern Sudan on Monday night to hold talks with southern Sudan authorities on the Abyei deadlock.

Mr. Nyok urged the Security Council in the press conference to exert “maximum pressure” on the NCP. He requested for Abyei to be removed from the Presidency and put under purview of the UN.

Mr. Nyok added the SPLM would also like the UN to create a “buffer zone” in the contentious border, and work towards an Abyei referendum.

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