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Professor Walid Phares teaches Global Strategies in Washington DC, advises members of the US Congress and the European Parliament and is the author of several books on the Greater Middle East, democracy and Terrorism.

Abyei is an occupied zone, UN must use chapter 7

Washington DC, Brussels In a series of briefings to US Congressional offices and European Parliament offices, Professor Walid Phares, Co-Secretary General of the Transatlantic Parliamentary-Legislative Group on Counter Terrorism described the North Sudan military action in Abyei as an “invasion” … Continue reading

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Beja leader from East Sudan warns from “Khartoum led Terror, Iranian involvement”

Cairo, Washington DC In a  report published by the Pan Arabic al Qanat, a leader from the Beja Congress, movement representing the Beja tribes in the East of Sudan, warned that the Sudanese regime is deploying more forces in Port … Continue reading

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