Machar: Peace in Separation Better than Unity in Conflict

From Sudan Vision Daily, January 25, 2011:

Deputy President of the Government of South Sudan (GoSS) Dr. Riak Machar has relayed a message to the North a head of the referendum outcome official announcement.

The message says:  “Common Peace and security   with independence    better than unity with war.”

“If we establish two independent states, which are politically, economically and socially cooperative, our two peoples will benefit and enjoy welfare after the sufferings of war that prolonged for decades,” said Machar, adding,” We are now working for political, economic and social communications.”

The priorities of the coming government of the South are: consolidation of a sustainable peace with the North, realization of security in the South, delivery of basic services to the people there, such as potable water, construction of roads, hospitals and schools, along with promotion of overall economic and social development, GoSS deputy president said.

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